About Us

providing the greatest value as a trusted partner

QUAESTUM is an independent consulting and management organisation for healthcare & hospital organisations and related industries, founded by Bart Claikens. Our main objective and goal is to provide added value for healthcare providers, its key-stakeholders, supports and related industries. It's driven by leadership in managing service with high quality of service, customer intimacy with enhanced experience and operational excellence with efficient use of available resources.

QUAESTUM brings a diverse and deep experience to every healthcare organization and related industries. 

QUAESTUM is driven by a group of independent passionate consultants and experts in the field. As a trusted partner, it guarantees results and delivers the greatest value.

QUAESTUM fuels innovation and reduces the cost and complexity of all operations. From building market power and financial strength to preparing for value-based service and care. It improves clinical and business performance and can help you define your strategy and support its trough implementation.