Holistic efficiency optimisation approach for a radiology department


To help improve the organisational efficiency and operational performance of a radiology department.

The issues of the current organizational structure were mapped by means of different methods.

Best practice analysis in value based imaging and operational excellence with objectives / best practice / advantages / guidelines

  • Benefits Dependency Network
  • Patient flow overviews and mapping
  • Streamlining medical operations and imaging/reporting flow
  • LEAN techniques - Value Stream Mapping
  • Mapping variety in patient flow, in radiological exams, waiting times, imaging/report exchange
  • Mapping and identificatyion of complexity and reduction of complexity
  • Bottleneck analysis in patient waiting times
  • Bottleneck analysis in handling of exam results

The results were supported by using the available data of the radiology department via the Radiology Information System (IMPAX RIS and PACS system). These raw data were filtered and qualified according to the purpose of the project. Additional data sources were supplied by the department or obtained via our specific methodologies applied during the project.

Based on the analysis of the organizational structure a number of recommendations were proposed.