Creating and Delivering Service Value in Hospital Organizations


Serious attention on a dedicated marketing strategy is an important part of the cure. Marketing is a broad approach to building exchange relationships, not limited to patients, but it applies to all relationships and includes all aspects of the organisation's interfaces. 

Implementing marketing to promote hospital organisations is key to staying competitive and keeping up with changing in healthcare regulations. We have to start thinking beyond providing care. These are the tangible products they provide. On the other hand, we have to focus on the efforts to attract appropriate patients to our services and collaboration with physicians. We have to look for ways to market our hospital organisations, so it stands out in the minds of our daily patients and our referring physicians.

A review of marketing activities in the healthcare industry and hospitals, once been considered a slow adopter to the world of inbound marketing, shows examples of true marketing brilliance, witch are making up for lost time.

Currently, only little marketing strategy is designed nor implemented  in hospital organisations. This paper takes the first steps in exploring the marketability , focusing on patient and referring physicians related marketing and to provide quality of care.

Marketing in a hospital environment is all about building exchange relationships, not limited to patients, but to all relationships like referring physicians, medical departments, care organisations and all other stakeholders. Based on a service segmentation, we are urged to apply our strategy and marketing targeted to the specific segments of clinical activity. We have to implement a culture of listening to asses our targeted environment and integrate the results in our daily adapted operations. Allingement and true long-term commitment of all the stakeholders and integrating of our resources are crucial. Understanding and agreement is central to success.

Our service chain can be strengthened both by our commitment and the evidence-based tools, providing patient centric service with the highest quality of care, accessibility and payability at the convenience of our community.

We do have a variety of options with regard to our involvement in marketing-from outsourcing the marketing function completely to bringing the function completely in-house, and everything in between. [1]

Marketing although still has a negative perception in not-for profit hospital organisations, but given the current environmental changes, it is time that decisions makers step up to implement marketing in their health care organisation. We have to embrace marketing and realise its full benefits.