Corporate sustainability and responsability in a hospital organisation


The benefits of C.S.R. in a hospital and a medical imaging department are mostly related to the advanced technology and innovation.

The community used to have an important level of common trust in health care and its hospital organizations and physicians as such.
But nowadays, this trust has to be earned by hospital organizations, their employees and last but not least by their physicians. Hospitals have to work harder than other industries to win, re-win and retain that trust while coping with many operational challenges.

In health care, the growing and aging population and their need for professional care and wellbeing drive the demand for corporate sustainability and responsibility. Awareness of health issues is imbedded in our modern society.

Considering the level of trust that most people have in hospitals, it is unfortunate to see so few C.S.R. reports coming out from hospitals. Giving this, it seems obvious, because there is almost no guidance on implementing
sustainability and responsibility in hospitals organizations.

Looking at other organizations and companies, we, as health care providing organizations, can learn a lot of implementing C.S.R. in our DNA and communicating our efforts to the public community and stakeholders. On that basis we can improve our overall processes.

A main target in the future is the alignment of all the medical departments in hospitals throughout to whole health care system and related industry to implement sustainability and responsibility with feasible commitments for high quality, safe and accessible health care service.
Public sharing of our improvements and transparent communicating our sustainability and responsibility reports will improve the overall
understanding of the sector and the complete trust.